Sunnam & NaturVits Jelly Drops use ConCordix® technology : a revolutionary way to deliver essential Omega-3 acids and Vitamin to your child.
A Unique Structure:
Our Jelly Drops are structured in a special way to ensure an enjoyable healthy expenence A water and protein matrix, oil soluble ingredients and water soluble ingredients are all that go into our product. These are what give it its soft jelly form making Sunnam Jelly Drops so easy and pleasant to eat.
No Reflux:
Unlike other fish oil supplements, our Sunnam Jelly Drops dissolve evenly in gastric juice, stopping reflux from happening.
Natural Sweeteners:
Sunnam Jelly Drops contain no sugar, only natural sweeteners, meaning your child will enjoy a treat that is tasty and healthy.
Increased Bioavailavility:
Sunnam Jelly Drops use gel emulsion technology as opposed to traditional soft gel caps. This changes the way Omega-3 is transported to the blood leading to an increase of 44% of DHA’s and EPA’s in the blood.
A game changing delivery system

ConCordix® offers a new approach to delivering nutraceutical supplements to the human body. Its ability to deliver both oil based omega-3 essential fatty acids and water based vitamins changes the market positions available and opens new profitable possibilities for our customers.

A natural evolution

ConCordix® has dynamically changed the chewable supplement category, moving the industry forward with this revolutionary delivery format. In many ways, ConCordix® is the natural alternative to other delivery formats such as soft-gels, tablets and liquids.

All raw materials used in the production of ConCordix® come with a certificate of analysis (CoA) issued by the supplier. We continuously conduct stability studies, covering the finished product’s entire shelf life, to ensure it stays within customer – and regulatory specifications.

Preferred by parents

Very popular with both parents and kids, ConCordix® chewable Soft-Drops have removed three of the main hurdles consumers face when taking dietary supplements: they taste great, they are easy and enjoyable to take, and they don’t require water!

With ConCordix®, it has become both easy and enjoyable to stay healthy.

Explore soft gels®, our alternative proven and effective delivery format.

ConCordix® Technology
Key benefits:
  • Great taste with delicious flavors
  • Sugar free
  • No water required
  • Enhanced compliance
  • Delivers both essential fatty acids and vitamins
  • Protected packaging ensures freshness with every dose
  • Better protection against oxidation and degradation of active ingredients
  • Large choice of turnkey products
  • Superior custom formula solutions also available
  • Proactive assistance covering education, research, packaging and marketing


NaturVits is based on ConCordix® new great tasting chewable soft jelly drops, featuring 44% enhanced uptake. They taste so great that remembering is easy for both you and your kids - every day! ConCordix® is manufactured by the Norwegian company Ayanda, a renowned manufacturer of high quality fish oil health supplements.


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